The genesis...


The idea of the Plug Fix can adapter originated at a pub gathering in Linz, Upper Austria.

Like at many other such gatherings, they discussed, philosophised and talked shop about the quality and taste of beer.

It soon became clear that in a private environment, beer drinkers prefer to enjoy their favourite beer directly from the bottle. However, there were also many very good arguments in favour of beer from cans (more lasting shelf life and freshness, lighter than glass, no returning of empty bottles, get cold quicker and stay cold longer, unbreakable – no danger of injury through shards etc…)

The passionate beer drinkers Robert Draxler and Michael Döberl therefore sought a way to combine the advantages of cans and bottles.

Draxler developed the idea of an adapter/attachment that would bring together the best of both worlds.

The first prototype was handblown out of glass.

Unfortunately, satisfactory soundness and fixing to the can could not be achieved with glass.

After several setbacks, Robert Draxler found Bernhard Schorm as a partner who, as a professional in the field of plastics technology, creatively extended the concept and the idea and was able to fulfil all the requirements. The plastic used can scarcely be distinguished from glass, allowing perfect drinking enjoyment to be achieved.

The Plug Fix can adapter was born!


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