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Turns the can into a Bottle


With Wasp protection

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Enjoy drinking like from a bottle! With the “Plug Fix can adapter”

Plug Fix can adapter!


Simply fix it onto the can and enjoy drinking like from a bottle.


Fits on most standard beer, energy and soda cans.


Our CE-certified plastic material is shatterproof and suitable for the dishwasher.


Wasp protection is integrated in the bottle neck!


The packing can be used as a reusable drinking cup! NO plastic waste is generated!


Bier Dose Aufsatz aufstecken Dosenaufsatz
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Flaschenhals, Dosenaufsatz, Bierdosenaufsatz, Bierdosen Aufsatz, Bier Dosen Aufsatz

Advantages of Plug Fix:


> Integrated wasp protection! (nor can drugs/tablets be thrown into           the drink unnoticed)

> Enjoy drinking like from a glass bottle!

> Individually printable with company logos

> Hygienic (your lips no longer touch the edge of the can!)

> Food-safe, shatterproof, recyclable plastic!


Advantages of a can:


> Keeps harmful UV radiation away from the beer/drink

> Easy to stack and store in the fridge or cold room

> Gets cold quicker than glass bottles and stays cold for longer

> Unbreakable – no risk of injury through shards

> Lighter than drinks in bottles and no empty bottles to carry

> Canned beer has the widest range of offers in shops


Plug Fix brings together the best of both worlds!   

The advantages of a can with the enjoyment of drinking from a bottle. With an integrated wasp-protection!

Red Bull, Dose, Aufsatz, aufstecken, Adapter, aufbringen, anbringen
WespenGitter, Dosenaufsatz, Bier Dose Aufsatz, Bierdosen Aufsatz

For beer 0.3 L 0.5 L Classic can:


For energy / Limo Slim can: